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Prenatal services include support leading up to your birth, answering questions you have regarding pregnancy, writing out your birth plan, and preparing your home for your new baby to arrive. Robin also will guide you to the resources you need for taking birthing classes, hiring a lactation consultants, and enrolling in newborn care classes.  

Prenatal visits prior to your birth are conducting in person and on Zoom. We cover topics such as your birth plan, comfort methods, what to expect during an induction, preparing for birth within the hospital or at home, and putting together a postpartum support plan for you and your family.

​Prenatal services are included with my Birth Doula package which starts at $1,500

Prental support


Labor and birth support includes on call coverage from 38-41 weeks with twenty-four hour availability to text or call. During active labor, Robin provides assistance with comfort measures through massage, breathing exercises, and holding space for the birthing mother. Robin stays with the mother and child for one to two hours after birth to assist with getting settled, fed, and comfortable. As mother and child become acquainted with each other, Robin assists with breastfeeding initiation. 

Packages for Labor & Birth Support services include three prenatal visits, labor and birth support, the first two hours after birth to settle in and learn to latch and begin breast feeding, and one postpartum visit in the home within two weeks of birth. $1,400

Labor & Birth Support


Robin offers postpartum support within your home to help you adjust to life at home with your newborn and get the essential rest you need to recuperate from childbirth.  

The goal of these visits is to give parents the opportunity to take a break to shower, nap, eat, and take care of their basic needs. Light housekeeping, meal prep, breastfeeding advice, and basic newborn care are included. The health and well-being of the postpartum mom is of the utmost importance.  

When hiring Robin to do overnights right after birth, she can assist with pulling out the baby supplies that will be most beneficial in surviving those first few weeks postpartum. Robin loves to organize and can set up your bottles, breast pump and diapering stations. As a separate service outside of Labor and Birth support, postpartum support starts at:



$45/hr for daytime coverage (minimum of 3 hours.)
$50/hr for overnight assistance (7-10 hours)
*$60 travel fee applies for family's outside of an hour travel from my home.

Robin was a pleasure to work with. She has a presence that makes you feel comfortable and trusting, almost as if you’ve always known her, which is very important when inviting someone into your home and to care for your newborn baby. I felt as though Robin treated our son as he was her own, she truly cares for and loves babies.

— Kendall Corcorran

How will a doula support my partner during birth?

Pregnancy and birth can be just as scary for the birthing partner as it is for the birthing person. Hiring a doula offers support for both parents because all of your questions are valid and everything you are learning about the experience you are learning together. Robin will guide you and offer encouragement and engagement so your partner can feel like an active participant in the birthing process.  

For example, Robin has been a support to the birth partner by holding space, offering words of assurance, outlining expectations, and relaying information to the partner from the medical care team. Your doula can guide you through the steps involved in for a c-section, an epidural, and help to explain medical jargon and terminology.  

In postpartum support, your partner is given support with newborn care education. Learning how to care for your baby is empowering and being able to share that responsibility is very rewarding. If your partner is breastfeeding, offering to assist with burping, changing diapers, bottle feeding, and managing the expressed milk and storage is a great way to be involved in the process. 

As your doula, Robin offers three prenatal appointments. These appointments allow time for learning about the labor and birth experience, setting your intentions for birth, enrolling in childbirth and breastfeeding education, gathering resources from within the birth community, practicing body movements, relaxation, and breathing techniques, basic newborn care, and planning for postpartum recovery. These appointments are also a great opportunity to ask your doula questions about pregnancy and birth and voice any concerns about your changing body. Having had three children of her own, Robin is very much aware of the many perils and joys of pregnancy. Use her as a resource!  

Robin is available to meet with clients within their homes as well as via zoom for their prenatal visits. On average, appointments can be 1-2 hours long depending upon the stage of your pregnancy.  

What are prenatal appointments with my doula? 

The timing of when you hire a doula varies for everyone. Reaching out to interview birth doulas in the second trimester is a great time to start. But if you are down to the wire and are looking for someone on short notice, reach out to a doula collective, such as Your Birth Tribe, to be matched with someone that has availability and experience to meet your needs.

If you are looking to hire a postpartum doula, doing your research before birth is helpful so that you can retain their support prior to giving birth. You can hire a postpartum after birth as well. Postpartum doulas are available for daytime and overnight support.

When should I hire a doula?

A doula is a trained, experienced support person for a pregnant mother and partner through the child birthing process. Doulas provide emotional, physical, and informational support to mothers in pregnancy, during labor and childbirth, and throughout their postpartum transition. A birth doula does not deliver your baby, that is the role of an OGBYN or midwife. A doula is not a medical professional but a trained care provider with the experience and skills necessary to support mother and baby through birth and postpartum care.

A doula works with birthing mothers in both the hospital and home birth setting.

What is a doula?

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